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Garland is Not Moderate & No Conservative Senator Should Vote for Him.

Judge Garland is waiting for a Senate confirmation vote to be the Attorney General of the United States.

Some have incorrectly characterized him as a moderate, but his record and positions are extreme. Garland’s statements and positions in his Senate Judiciary Committee make it entirely foreseeable that as Attorney General he would commence to:

* grabbing guns in violation of the Second Amendment,
* forcing girls into locker rooms with biological boys,
* depriving women of a college education by giving their athletic scholarships to biological men, and
* stripping religious pro-life groups of their free-exercise rights by forcing them to enable and aid abortions.

No conservative, constitutionalist, or even moderate Senator should be on record voting to confirm Garland and all that his agenda would bring. Please call your U.S. Senators and respectfully demand that they vote against Garland. A vote is expected this week, so please call both of your Senators now.

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