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JAG in Federalist Article

The Federalist published an article today titled "What Are Democratic Candidates Hiding About Their Plans for the Supreme Court." The full article is here, and below are some key excerpts involving Judicial Action Group:

Attorney Phillip Jauregui, founder of Judicial Action Group, which advocates for constitutional originalism, explains why the courts have become so imperative in elections. “The truth is, the role of a judge is simply to decide a case according to the law,” said Jauregui via phone. “For five decades, we’ve seen judicial nominees who want to remake the law according to their own political worldview. Our ability as citizens to impact the laws we live under has been dictated by the Supreme Court. As the last election showed us, the American people consider the courts a big issue.”


Alabama attorney Jauregui, whose group provides detailed research on federal judicial nominations, regularly travels between their offices in Birmingham and Washington, D.C. He agrees that open discussion of the high court leads to more informed voters.

“I’m in favor of every presidential candidate—Republican, Democrat, whomever—talking about the names of people they would consider for the Supreme Court,” he said. “The American people want to know what kind of judges a candidate will nominate. When we learn the names, we can research their records.”


“The left knows Roe is going to be reversed at some point,” said Jauregui. “Whether it’s as a result of one of the state laws passed recently, we’ll have to wait and see. Both liberal and conservative state legislatures are starting to make their own policies on the abortion issue because everyone sees what’s coming.”


“We’re preparing as if we’re going to have a vacancy before 2020,” said Jauregui of Judicial Action Group. “Thankfully, President Trump has put up a list with some great names on it; some are better than others. We’ve got to get a great justice the next time we have a spot. It truly will change not just the Supreme Court for a generation—it will change this nation.”

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