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Josh Hawley: An Excellent SCOTUS Prospect.

What do conservatives want in a Supreme Court Justice?

We want a true courageous conservative constitutionalist who won’t fail us again.

The evidence shows that Senator Josh Hawley is easily one of the three best prospects for the next Supreme Court seat. When Hawley is measured according to the proposed “Justice Standard” he ranks at the very top because he has a (1) long-term (2) record of (3) courage, (4) conservatism, and (5) a constitutional judicial philosophy.

The attached memorandum shows that Hawley is an excellent example of what we need in a Supreme Court Justice. Here are a few highlights:

* He is Fed Up with Failed SCOTUS Nominations, and Has Pledged as a Senator to Only Vote for Justices who Acknowledge on the Record that Roe was Wrongly Decided.

* His Constitutional Conservatism is Evident by his Rejection of Justice Gorsuch’s Activist Bostock Opinion.

* He said of Gorsuch and Roberts in Bostock: “If this case makes anything clear, it is that the bargain that has been offered to religious conservatives for years now is a bad one. It’s time to reject it. No, I question how we got here. I question how judges [Gorsuch and Roberts] who hold to this philosophy ended up on that bench. I question the bargain that people of faith have been offered and asked to hold to for all of these years.”

* Hawley: "Abortion is not a right …. It is a violent act against the defenseless. It violates every principle of morality and should be barred by American law.”

* Hawley: "My view is that Roe v. Wade had no basis in law or fact."

* He Unapologetically Opposed Court Created Rights Through the Sham of Substantive Due Process

* He has a Long-Term Record as a Conservative and Pro-Life Advocate and Worked at The Becket Fund from 2011-2015, and Founded the Constitutionally Conservative “Missouri Liberty Project.”

* Hawley Affirms Judicial Review, but Rejects Judicial Supremacy

Hawley is exactly what we need on the Supreme Court.

Recommended Action: Contact the President and respectfully request that he place Senator Josh Hawley on his list of Supreme Court prospects.

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