Stop the Disrespectful, Disingenuous, Delay Tactics

Many democrat Senators have refused to meet with the highly qualified, brilliant Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and now all Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee want to deny her a hearing because they claim remote video hearings are "not adequate."

Yet, many of these same Senators have been appearing at hearings remotely for months. Here they are appearing by remote video at Senate Judiciary Committee hearings at the height of the "pandemic" in May.

Credit for all above photos: videos of hearings at the Senate Judiciary Committee

Here is one example of what Democrat Senators said now v. then:

Klobuchar now:

"a remote hearing [by video] ... is not an adequate substitute."

Klobuchar in May:

"thank you ... I'm glad that we are seeing senators ... remotely [by video]"

Call the following Democrat Senators and ask them to proceed with hearings for Judge Barrett and to stop the disrespectful delay tactics. Call (202) 224-3121.

Dianne Feinstein Patrick Leahy Richard J. Durbin Sheldon Whitehouse Amy Klobuchar Christopher A. Coons Richard Blumenthal Mazie K. Hirono Cory A. Booker Kamala D. Harris

See Democrat Letter Seeking Delay.

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