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Ted Cruz: An Excellent SCOTUS Prospect.

The evidence shows that Senator Ted Cruz is easily one of the three best prospects for the next Supreme Court seat. Perhaps he would not accept the nomination – but he should absolutely be placed on the list and made to say “no.”

There are reports that President Trump offered the Scalia seat to Cruz, and that he declined. Cruz says he advised the President to nominate Mike Lee to that seat. After Gorsuch’s activist opinion in Bostock, Cruz says he is “certain if Mike Lee had been there [on the Court instead of Gorsuch] he would have followed the law and we would have seen [a] different result ….”

Cruz is right.

In fact, during the Scalia vacancy we thought the best prospects to replace Justice Scalia were Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, and Justice Thomas Lee (Thomas is Mike Lee’s older brother who serves on the Utah Supreme Court). The Lee brothers were both on the President’s list in 2017 and both would have been eminently better than Justice Gorsuch.

Back to Cruz. The attached memorandum shows that Cruz is an excellent example of what we need in a Supreme Court Justice. Here are a few highlights:

  • Cruz Identifies our Failed SCOTUS Nominations and Says we Need “Strong Conservatives”

  • Cruz Says “Lawless” Gorsuch “Put on the Hat of a Legislator” in Bostock.

  • Cruz Says that Chief Justice Roberts’ DACA decision was “Shameful” and “Lawless.”

  • Cruz Identifies Judicial Activism as “Lawless” and Amounts to “Justices Violating their Judicial Oaths” and Prescribes Numerous Fixes.

  • Cruz Describes the Supreme Court as an “Oligarchy” “Untethered from Reason and Logic”

  • Cruz Lists “Judicial Assaults on Our Constitution:” Abortion, God in Public, Terror, Property, Health Care, Marriage.

There is a workable “Justice Standard” for evaluating prospective Justices for the Supreme Court that can absolutely transform past failure into future success. Cruz meets that standard because the evidence shows he has a (1) long-term (2) record of (2) courage, (4) conservatism, and (5) a constitutional judicial philosophy.

Recommended Action: Please contact the President and respectfully request that he place Senator Ted Cruz on his list of Supreme Court prospects.

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