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Read Founder and President Phillip Jauregui's interview with Intercessors for America and call to prayer for a renewal of the Supreme Court. Article written by Joyce Swingle, IFA Contributing Writer

Prayer: Lord, we reach out to You Judge of all the earth and entreat You to do rightly. Bring the prodigal Supreme Court to its senses. Cause the Court to return home to its proper role in the government. Help any Justice who does not know You to come to You through Jesus Christ.

The Lord downloaded His heart for the Supreme Court to Phillip Jauregui, one of the attorneys who prepared the amicus brief IFA recently filed in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case, which will be heard by the Justices in early December. In an Oct. 27 interview with IFA recently, Jauregui, who advocates for Christian causes through his organization Judicial Action Group (, shared the revelation he received about the Court.

According to Jauregui, the Court currently operates on a flawed idea of its role in the federal government. He explained, “Judicial supremacy is the false idea that the courts are supreme above the other two branches of government. And it manifests in judicial activism, because when courts decide they have the final say on every matter that’s constitutional, they put themselves above the other branches.”

This imbalance enables the Court to perpetuate errors or even deliberate distortions about the Constitution. According to Jauregui, 1973’s Roe v. Wade case is an example of just such a distortion. “But when no one is above [the Justices] or no one’s equal to them, no one can check and balance them because they are supreme. They are judicial supremacists,” he said.

In Roe v. Wade, the Court went beyond interpreting the law to acting as legislators, according to Jauregui. “Article 1, Section 1 of the United States Constitution says all legislative power herein granted shall be vested in Congress. Well, all legislative power means all law-making power. So if all is vested in Congress, then none is in the Court. So the court can’t make laws,” Jauregui said. “When we hear the term ‘case law,’ it’s an oxymoron. Cases don’t make law. Cases are supposed to apply law to two parties in a law suit to determine who wins and who loses. But courts don’t make law.”

The Lord is calling the Court back to its proper role, Jauregui said. About three and a half years ago, the Lord gave Jauregui a vision of the Court and an overwhelming infusion of love for its members. “And it really shocked me. It was so out of the blue. And I thought, ‘That had to be God. That was so odd.’ And so I just said, ‘Lord, can You explain that to me?,’” Jauregui related. “He said, “I had to show you a picture of the Court and love for the Court, because that’s what I want you to have for where I want to take the Court.’”

The intensity of heavenly love revealed to Jauregui that he had had opposite emotions toward the Court because of the many evils its Justices had allowed — even imposed — on America. But the Lord wanted Jauregui to get His vision for the Court. “The Lord explained faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So you can see what they’ve done, but can you see what I want them to become. And so that’s why I had to give you that picture of love because I want you to pray for that,” Jauregui said.

The Biblical text the Lord shared was Luke 15: 11-32. Jauregui said, “The prodigal son had a wonderful heritage and a name and a position under his father. He didn’t need anything else. Our judges have been given a valuable role in our republic. They’ve put on a robe. They’re honored. They don’t need anything else. They don’t need to be lawmakers. They just need to be honorable judges.”

But like the prodigal son, the Court was discontented. “But the prodigal son decided in his own wicked thinking that he wanted more so he left his father’s house, went to a foreign land, took his father’s money and spent it on wild living and sin,” Jauregui explained.

“The Court likewise was given a wonderful role, but they departed from their role. They decided they wanted more. They wanted also to be legislators. They sinned. They engaged in all sorts of wickedness. You could say their decisions have led to the murder of 70 million unborn children in this nation.”

The turn in the biblical parable happens when the prodigal son comes to his senses and realizes he can return to his father’s home. Hoping simply to survive, the prodigal returns to thrive as his father welcomes him with joy and celebration. The older brother, however, resents the younger profligate’s return. According to Jauregui, the Lord wants to bring the Supreme Court back to its senses, and Christians need to be ready to welcome and celebrate the returned Court.

“The Lord was basically saying to me, ‘Don’t be the older brother’ when the Court comes home,” Jauregui said. “Don’t affirm the sin and the wickedness that they’ve engaged in. Demand that they come home. Demand that they return to their noble role, but when they do, welcome them. Have a heart for them….God has to give us a picture to pray for that or else it’s really hard to have vision and faith for something that you can’t see.”

Jauregui believes we are on the cusp of the Court’s return to its senses, but the journey home may take some detours. “In that parable, Jesus said that the prodigal son went to a far country, so even though the parable is not a real story, the journey back wasn’t instantaneous,” Jauregui said. “It’s not as though the son was on the other side of the hill and it took him two minutes to get home.”

It’s important to be patient, Jauregui said. “This returning of the Court is a process; it’s not instantaneous. And so continue to pray for them and if they have two steps forward, one back, don’t let the one step back cause you to throw up your hands and say all is lost. No, keep praying because it’s a journey for the Court to get back to where it needs to be. Judicial renewal — the Court returning to its proper role — that’ll take time. And keep praying for it and don’t quit and don’t be discouraged,” Jauregui said.

Praying for the Court to return may require emotional energy, too. Perhaps more than anything, it may take humbling to avoid falling into the “older brother” attitude. But to regain a high court that rules righteously and provides a true balance and check on the executive and legislative branches would be well worth the cost.

Let us join Phillip Jauregui in this prayer for the Court’s return.

Holy Father, thank You for the vision and prayer strategy that You shared with Phillip Jauregui. We bless You for it and for Your heart for the Supreme Court and the Justices. We take this moment to forgive the Court and all the justices, clerks, and aides past and present who ruled in ungodly and wicked ways. We forgive them for grasping for legislative power, rather than containing themselves to their honored and important role as written in the U.S. Constitution.

Please forgive and cover the ground of trespass with the Blood of Jesus. Recover this ground again from evil and release the debt, especially the death of the millions and the encouragement and codification of immorality and evil.

Please give us each the vision and the love for the Court You shared with Phillip so we can pray with Your vision and Your heart for the Court and the justices.

Call the Court and its justices, clerks, and aides back to their senses. Help each one to pray as the prodigal son did, “I will arise and go to my father, and I will say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you.’” Draw each justice to You. Encourage the ones who know You with Your Presence, Your Vision, and Your Hope. Please soften the hearts of those who do not know You; show them their need for You and the futility of life without You. Show them the way home to You through Jesus Christ.

Help us and the Christian community as a whole to avoid becoming the embittered, older brother. Give us patience for the Court’s journey home. Encourage us and give us fortitude and perseverance in our prayer. Let us pray in hope and celebrate in rejoicing for the work You are doing for and with the Supreme Court and its justices, clerks, and aides. We decree that the rod of the wicked will not rest on the land of the righteous lest the righteous sin. In Jesus’ Name. We agree that the Judge of all the earth will do rightly. Amen.

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