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The Washington Stand: 'We're Going to Win' on Pro-Life Law after SCOTUS Setback: Idaho AG

Updated: 3 days ago

This article was written by Ben Johnson and published in The Washington Stand.

In yet another Supreme Court case ruined by a leak, justices on Thursday morning allowed the Biden administration to override a state pro-life protections law in the name of providing “emergency health care.”

Justices voted 5-4 to punt on hearing the case over Idaho’s pro-life protection, issuing a “dismiss as improvidently granted” (DIG) order. The one-sentence court order was followed by four opinions running the gamut of judicial views on abortion and federal power. The action came one day after the high court confirmed it momentarily posted a copy of the order on its website, which was caught by Bloomberg News — the second leak of an abortion decision since 2022.

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