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"Consecrate the Supreme Court" Prayer Event Hosted By JAG

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

This post was written by Dutch Sheets and published as a daily devotional on GiveHim15.

Several weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a prayer event in D.C., hosted by Phillip Jauregui and his Judicial Action Group (JAG). The timing was the opening day of the new term of the Court. The purpose was to pray for all nine Justices, doing so with heartfelt love and compassion. The specific phrase used as the goal of our prayers was “Consecrate the Supreme Court.” Mr. Jauregui felt that Holy Spirit gave him this phrase and assignment.

The language is unique; I had never before heard this or any similar phrase used in the context of prayer for the Court. My first impression was actually the need to discern whether or not he had truly heard from Holy Spirit. Jauregui also was wisely and humbly seeking counsel from others as to whether or not this was appropriate, something the Lord would lead us to do. I sensed almost immediately and very strongly that it was.

I have studied and understand the word “consecrate,” with an awareness of what doing this would indicate. This understanding made the assignment extremely significant to me, and I believe it will for you also. The primary Hebrew word for “consecrate” in Scripture is qadash,(4) also translated as “sanctify.” Another Hebrew word used for consecrate is nazar/nazir.(5)

Both Hebrew words have in their primary meaning the concept of separation. Whereas nazar emphasizes more the concept of separation from, as in a Nazarite vow (don’t do or touch certain things), qadash emphasizes separation unto, as in separation unto the Lord. Qadash is the dedication of a person or thing to God and His purposes. In Scripture, many things were separated unto the Lord: people, places, items (in the temple), clothing (of the priests), days, and even events, such as fasts.

Typically, when God was about to do something significant in the life of Israel, He told the people to consecrate (qadash) themselves to Him (Exodus 19:10, Joshua 3:5, Joel 2:12-32). In doing so, He was saying, “Come to Me; separate yourselves unto Me; I need for you to draw near, dedicating yourselves to Me…at a heart level.” Yahweh wanted THEM, their hearts, not animal sacrifices. The sacrifices were only to prepare the way for the people to draw near to Him. He wanted a relationship and partnership with them.

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