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On Judicial Nomination Votes

In keeping with the Judicial Action Group's mission to educate and inform, we have established a scoring system to reflect how each senator votes on every judicial nominee. 

Nearly all of Biden’s judicial nominees are radical leftists and, therefore, constitutionalist senators should vote against them. On this scorecard, a perfect score of 100 reflects a senator’s vote against every one of Biden’s judicial nominees. Accordingly, a score of 0 indicates that a senator voted for every one of his judicial nominees.  A more detailed description of the scoring methodology can be found below.

Weighted Scorecard

*Scores for 118th Congress up to date as of 03/31/2024


Scoring Methodology


Each Court Weighted Different

Each vote taken by senators is weighted based on the federal court for which each potential judge is nominated. This is done to ensure that senators' scores reflect their position on the most important votes. 

District Court = multiplier of 1

Circuit Court = multiplier of 5

Supreme Court = multiplier of 20


Score Calculation

Scores are calculated by dividing the weighted number of "No" votes cast by the senator by the total weighted votes possible for each senator.

(Total Weighted "No" Votes/Total Weighted Votes Possible)

Finally, the resulting number is multiplied by 100. Absent votes are not calculated and do not affect a senator's scores.


Example of Methodology

If Senator A votes against three nominations (two of them district court nominees and one of them circuit court nominee), the total weighted score is calculated as follows:

District Court Nominee A- 1 Point

District Court Nominee B - 1 Point

Circuit Court Nominee C - 5 Points

Total Weighted "No" Votes - 7 Points

Total Weighted Votes Possible - 7 Points

7/7 = 1

1* 100 = 100 Points for the Senator

117th and 118th Senate Judicial Votes Data

The spreadsheet linked below includes all of the votes factored into the above scores, the calculations used to determine the final scores for each senator, and all the data for the 117th and 118th Congress (separated into two separate tabs).  The data includes the names of each judicial nominee considered by the Senate as well the location of each court for which the judge was nominated.   Please review each individual vote for yourself.

Take Action

Now that you have a better idea of how your senator votes on judicial nominees, please put that knowledge into action by calling your senator to express your opinion about their score.

The below number is the for Senate switchboard which can connect your call directly to your senator's office.

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