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The Epoch Times: Democrat-Appointed Justices Skeptical in Trump Ballot Case

Updated: Feb 22

This article was written by Jack Phillips and published in The Epoch Times.

At least two of the Democrat-appointed Supreme Court justices signaled during Thursday’s hearing that they are open to siding with former President Donald Trump’s attorneys to reject a Colorado decision barring the former president from the ballot in that state.

During the two-hour oral arguments session, Justices Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson joined the court’s Republican-appointed justices in voicing skepticism about a state’s ability to disqualify under the 14th Amendment’s Section 3.

“I think that the question that you have to confront is why a single state should decide who gets to be president of the United States,” Justice Kagan told attorney Jason Murray, who represents several Colorado voters who brought the challenge. “What’s a state doing deciding who other citizens get to vote for for president?”

“It’s just more complicated, more contested and, if you want, more political,” added Justice Kagan, an Obama nominee.

At one point, Justice Jackson, a Biden nominee, noted that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment makes no mention of the term, “president,” but it listed other officials who might be barred....

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