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Working for Judicial Renewal

Empowering Congress, States, and

Citizens to protect American Values.  

Judicial Renewal: Restoring our Judiciary to its Proper Role of Deciding Cases, Rather than Legislating from the Bench.


Stop Biden's Supreme Court
Pack Attack!

 "I believe that an independent and impartial judiciary is essential to our constitutional republic."


Brett Kavanaugh


Our Team

Our Team


Phillip L. Jauregui


Phillip founded Judicial Action Group (JAG) in 2006. Phillip is an expert in constitutional law, judicial policy, and non-profit coalition building...

Jace Headshot.jpg

Jace T. Pimentel

Executive Director

Jace is the Executive Director for the Judicial Action Group and oversees all operations of the organization including lobbying, research, writing, fundraising, advertising, media, organizational relations, coalition building, etc...


Stuart Brockwell

Director of IT

In January of 2007, Stuart was a JAG intern, working alongside Phillip Jauregui and visiting Capitol Hill, which greatly assisted in gathering valuable experience in the areas of judicial activism and politics...


Judicial Action Group is fighting every day for Judicial Renewal. Which is when judges return to their proper and noble role of simply deciding cases according to the laws of the land.

We wholeheartedly believe the day will come when the Judicial Branch is restored to its rightful Constitutional place. We long for the day when Congress, the states, and people make laws that favor life, marriage, decency, privacy, private property, religious freedom, and other vital American values. 

Our Story


 What We Do 

 We work for Judicial Renewal 


Judicial Activism is when judges take sides in the cultural war, deciding cases based on public opinion instead of what is written in the Constitution. When judges re-appropriate legislative authority from Congress and make laws instead of interpreting laws and deciding cases.

Judicial Renewal is when judges return to their proper and noble role of simply deciding cases according to the laws of the land. 

 Judicial Renewal pathways are:

Researching and lobbying for and against judicial appointments



Intercessory prayer for “Judicial Renewal”




Developing and lobbying judicial accountability pieces of legislation in Congress



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