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Concerns with Kavanaugh

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I wrote the below a week ago but then paused to share it because of the massive change of events. However, I do want to share it now.

Kavanaugh is a Stealth Nominee on the Issue of Life.

President Trump promised he would nominate Pro-Life justices, yet he says he did not discuss life/abortion with Kavanaugh. Likewise, Kavanaugh claims he has not talked with Trump or anyone else about whether he would reverse Roe v. Wade. Moreover, it is unclear from Kavanaugh’s record whether he would vote to affirm or reverse Roe. There is little evidence to encourage or comfort either side of the abortion debate and, therefore, both sides are left magnifying circumstantial anecdotes to support their contention that Kavanaugh would or would not overrule Roe. The truth is that we have little to go on and that means Kavanaugh is a stealth nominee on the issue of life. That is unacceptable constitutionally and morally since President Trump promised he would nominate only pro-life Justices. Over the last 45 years, half – half – of the nominations of Republican President’s (including President Ronald Reagan) to the Supreme Court have failed to be pro-life and, therefore, many believe we should never again support a stealth nominee on the issue of life.

So Why Are the Pro-Aborts and Liberals Fighting so Hard to Stop Kavanaugh?

My sense is that liberals are scared about Kavanaugh precisely because he is a stealth nominee on life. Like us, they do not know what Kavanaugh would do on abortion and for them that is an unacceptable risk. It is a risk for us as well because we don’t know what Kavanaugh would do on Roe. Therefore, the goal of liberals is to stop Kavanaugh, re-take the Senate in the November elections, and then keep the Supreme Court seat vacant for two years until the 2020 Presidential elections.

I think our goal should be to increase the conservative margin in the Senate so that we can nominate and confirm a more reliably conservative Justice in 2019. Keep in mind that whoever we put on the Court will be there for a very long time. It is important to get it right!

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