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Judge Cory T. Wilson: An Excellent SCOTUS Prospect

Conservatives can and should set our sights higher and seek to confirm only conservative constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.

Measuring Judge Cory T. Wilson by The Justice Standard shows that he is one of the three best prospects for the next Supreme Court seat. The Justice Standard seeks to identify prospects with a (1) long-term (2) record of (3) courage, (4) conservatism, and (5) a constitutional judicial philosophy.

This research memorandum shows that Wilson is an excellent example of what we need in a Supreme Court Justice. Here are a few highlights

  • Judge Wilson is Not Ashamed of America’s Foundational Truth: Our Unalienable Rights Come From God, Judges Never Make Law, and Statutes Mean What They Say

  • Wilson has a Constitutionally Conservative Judicial Philosophy and Believes Judges Should Never Legislate from the Bench, but Should Allow the “Legislative Branch to Set Policy

  • Wilson worked for election integrity and opposed voter fraud, advocated for voter ID laws, and worked in his state’s Secretary of State office to prevent people from voting in the names of other people and preventing the casting of ballots in the names of dead persons.

  • Wilson meets “The Hawley Standard” because Wilson has publicly – for decades – called for “the complete and immediate reversal of Roe v. Wade,”

  • Judge Wilson’s Record in the Executive and Legislative Branches Demonstrates that he will be a Constitutionally Conservative Federal Judge and Not an Unreliable and Risky Stealth Nominee

  • He is a defender of the Second Amendment.

  • He has protected religious groups, small businesses and government employees from being forced to violate their religious beliefs by having to affirm same-sex couples.

  • Judge Wilson’s Service in All Three Branches of Government Gives Him a Unique and Beneficial Range of Experience in Government to Bring to the Supreme Court

  • Wilson Fought to Protect Textual First Amendment Religious Freedom Against Efforts to Force Religious People them to Affirm the LGBT Agenda

Judge Wilson is exactly what we need on the Supreme Court. Read more about him here.

Recommended Action: Contact the President and respectfully request that he place Judge Cory T. Wilson on his list of Supreme Court prospects.

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