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Several Senators Have Perfect Scores - JAG Senate Scorecard

This post was originally an email sent on April 27, 2023.

This week we introduced you to our latest initiative, the Judicial Action Group Senate Scorecard. Hopefully, you have had a chance to review it along with how our scoring system works on the new webpage. If not, please go to our website at Thankfully, there are Republican senators who have fought against the Biden Administration’s activist judicial nominees.

A senator is awarded a perfect score of 100 points if they voted against every single Biden nominee. A senator is awarded a score of 0 points if they voted for every Biden judicial nominee.

The final score for each senator is based dozens of confirmation votes that take place every session. In addition to accountability, the scorecard is designed to highlight the senators that will hold the line against the Biden Administration's agenda.

Several senators received a perfect score of 100 in both the 117th and 118th sessions of Congress. These senators are listed below.

1.Ted Cruz (TX-R) 100 2.Josh Hawley (MO-R) 100 3.Ron Johnson (WI-R) 100 4.James Lankford (OK-R) 100 5.Jerry Moran (KS-R) 100 6.Dan Sullivan (AK-R) 100 7.Tommy Tuberville (AL-R) 100 We appreciate these Senators and encourage you to call and thank them for their heroic efforts to stop Biden's radical judicial nominees!

The work completed by the Judicial Action Group is made possible by generous donors like you who believe in judicial renewal! Every single dollar helps move the mission forward. Will you help our work by donating $25, $50, $100 or more to further the mission of nominating and confirming only constitutionalist judges? Yes, because we must protect our courts from more Biden radical judges.

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