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The Washington Stand: Former Law Clerks Defends Clarence Thomas

This article was written by S.A. McCarthy and published in The Washington Stand.

As Democrats continue to attack a conservative Supreme Court justice, his former law clerks are coming to his defense. A total of 112 of Justice Clarence Thomas’s former law clerks wrote a letter earlier this week defending his character, his integrity, and his jurisprudence.

The clerks wrote in part: “Justice Thomas is a man of greatest intellect, of greatest faith, and of greatest patriotism. We know because we lived it. He is a man of unwavering principle. He welcomes the lone dissent. … We are proud to have been his clerks and to remain his friends, and we unequivocally reject attacks on his integrity, his character, or his ethics.”

The letter was written in response to calls for Thomas to resign and an effort by Democrats to launch a Department of Justice investigation into Thomas over allegations of unethical conduct.

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